The Results of "Your Favorite Lisp Dialect" Poll.

The poll was started soon after blog. The results are:

Newlisp:     25 votes (53%) 
Common Lisp: 12 votes (25%) 
Clojure:      4 votes (8%)  
R5RS Scheme:  3 votes (6%)  
R6RS Scheme:  1 vote  (2%)  
Other:        2 votes (4%)  
Total:       47 votes (100%)

So, more than half of the Lisp users in the world prefer Newlisp. OK, more than half readers of this blog. OK, more than half readers of this blog interested enough to contribute to the poll.

Of course, I expected that Newlisp is the most popular in this poll, because almost all posts are about that dialect, but I expected nearly even distribution between R6RS Scheme and Common Lisp with marginal acceptance of other dialects, but it is not the case. I regret that I didn't made separate item for Software Lab's Pico Lisp, my favorite dialect beside Newlisp.

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  1. kinda lame. How many Lispers in the world were not aware of this poll? I didn't and thus Scheme did not get another vote...

  2. The first sentence in the post is joke, it is clear that not nearly 53% of Lispers are Newlispers. Read the second and the third sentence.

    Intention of that poll was to find which dialects were used by readers of this blog. At that time.