Lecture on Newlisp, 6. June 2010.

I'll give a public lecture on Newlisp at Sunday evening, 6. June 2010, 18:00, Hacklab Mama, Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb.

The organizer is LangGang, regional alternative languages interest group, and Alan Pavičić. All interested readers are welcome.


That's me, talking about  crawler-tractor . I was told that lecture was interesting, and we ended that meeting in local pizzeria. Thanks to all visitors.

If you're programmer from Zagreb or passing through, and you're interested in such kind of lectures and socialization, take a look at official webpage. Here is short movie recorded during one previous, unrelated event in Hacklab, so you can see the atmosphere.



  1. Ha! It turns out that I previously reada your blog, liked a lot of the articles, and been to your lecture... but failed to associate the two personae! :-)

    The lecture was great, and it was nice meeting you in person!


  2. Thanks, Ivan.

    I hope we'll meet again in Hacklab soon.

  3. hi Kazimir,

    i just dropped by. I came to your blog now and then. Enjoyed to know you did a lecture in a local user group. (i enjoyed the hackerlab photo) I loooked up google earth and it's right there. Also enjoyed reading your blog about NewLisp macro.

    keep up the great work!


  4. Thanks, Xah. I had a lectures on various institutions, but I must say that I really enjoyed enthusiastic atmosphere at Hacklab. I added short movie from one earlier event.

    Strongly recommended to all programmers - join to local groups.