"Nothing Will Happen", Split, Croatia, 19-22 August 2010.

Nothing will happen is a regional hackmeeting. During the first two days there is event "Inlaws and Outlaws" and the issues of "pirate vs. reformatory approach to the problems of restrictive regime/practice of protection of intelectual property (patents)" will be discussed. There is no specific theme for other two days. The program will be negotiated on place.

Split is beautiful, ancient city on Mediterranean, Adriatic coast.

I'd be there, and I'll probably have some talk on Lisp. I'm thinking on one Oleg Kiselyov's macro, hygienic FEXPR's in Newlisp or something on Shutt's Kernel. I didn't decided yet. Few other Lispers from Croatia and Hungary will be on conference. Accommodation and food is free or cheap (~ $25/day), there is no cotisation.

If you're interested, you're invited to join.


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