A Few Photographies from "Nothing will happen", Split 2010.

I just returned from "Nothing will happen", the regional hackers conference organized few times a year. The participants met at the day of conference and negotiated the program on the place. You can find the preliminary proposals at the conference page. There is no cotisation and atmosphere is excellent, so I can strongly recommend this type of conferences.

Marcell Mars, the organizer.

Alan Pavičić and Marijn Haverbeke presenting CL-Javascript project.

Nikola Plejić's basic introduction to Enlive, a HTML transformation / templating library for Clojure.

Bojan Petrović from Belgrade and I.

My roommates, Nikola Plejić and Damjan Georgievski from Makedonia.


  1. Hi Kazimir,

    Nice illustrative post!
    We might meet in case you come to NWH in Moravice dec 16-18

    Cheers, patrizio & Diiiinooos!
    (Patrice Riemens)

  2. Hi, Patrice.

    I have similar report on NSND Belgrade, 2011.

    I'm glad to hear you and Dinos are coming to Moravice.