Change of The Blog Name.


I changed the name of the blog from "Programming notes" to "Lisp notes." The reason is practical - more specific information for search engines, so potential readers can find it easier.



  1. nice change. What about Lisp Programing Notes? btw, how's New Lisp going? never looked into other than 5 min. It's got a big community right?

    if you were to guess, which do you think has more users, Clojure or New Lisp?

  2. Thanks. Originally I didn't know that I'll write almost exclusively about Lisp. Lisp Programming would be nice, but maybe too long, as prepends the name of the blog to name of the post.

    Clojure has much more users than Newlisp. My estimation is: Newlisp 100, Common Lisp 1500, Clojure 4000 users. It is harder to say about Scheme, because its name is too generic ... maybe 1000 total. These numbers are rough estimations on the base of the Google trends, memberships on mailing lists etc.

    The popularity of Newlisp increases, but not very fast. For example, these days, Newlisp forum gets new posters (not only members) twice more frequently than two years ago - but it doesn't mean that there are twice more users, just twice more *new users*.

    Success of Clojure is very impressive in Lisp context; but it is still very small niche: Fortran and Cobol are 10 times more popular, and C++ is some 20 times more popular than Fortran ... according to Google Trends, whole Lisp is really small niche.

    We cannot say that Lisp (in general, not only CL) didn't got its chance: it was supported by government, Universities, including most popular ones, programming celebrities and industry.

  3. i always thought (without much info) that newLisp was more popular (i think because one time i looked at its discussion forum and saw hundreds or thousands of messages)

    blogger only append each article's name to a new article url, e.g.
    so, perhaps you meant something else...

    i wish lisp the best. In particular, newLISP and Clojure. (never cared about CL myself, and Scheme community has really disappointed me for the past decade to the degree that i think it'll never go anywhere, even decline within its own field of Academia...)

    thanks a lot for your very valuable info about user numbers. Havne't seen you in comp.lang.lisp much these days. Hope we'll see you there more too. (google cleaned up the spam recently)