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Lisp.properties for Scite.

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  1. hey Kazimir, Im new to scite and i started using it for newlisp with your properties file. I would like to change the color of the matching braces when you move next to them to make them pop more. any pointers?

    signed mostlywrong from the newlisp forums.

  2. Change following two lines:

    # Brace highlight

    # Brace incomplete highlight

    into, for example:

    # Brace highlight

    # Brace incomplete highlight

    Now it is lighter red and green colour. You can experiment.

  3. Kazimir,

    I use Scite for Autoit. It comes packaged with Autoit containing the "properties" and control files.

    When using it with Autoit it has code completion, where, after entering the keyword it prompts for additional needed parameters. Do you have something that would do the same thing for Newlisp?


  4. I don't know how to set autocompletition, sorry.

    But how to make it to work for autoit, for me it doesn't work for autoit? What you did?

  5. I did not do any customization.

    I just downloaded the Scite package from the autoit website and it worked great. It also integrated various autoit tools into Scite.

    The whole reason why I learned autoit is because of this integration. It made everything so easy.

    Another nice feature was the integration of the help file. The sample code for each function automaticly open in Scite without copy paste where it can be explored and executed.

    The bottom line is that code completion is very important feature which would be great if it could be done.


    I imagine that it is

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