Visitors of This Blog.

In total, there are about 60 visitors (if they are close on map, they appear as one) and almost all are interested in Newlisp; two were my personal friends, and one visited blog because one variable name happened to be an acronym in some niche porn market. Don't worry! I do not know if you search for porn - I know only if you search for it on this blog!

Thinking about it, the sole fact that I mentioned that industry few times might increase the popularity of this blog.

The most popular pages are:

[1] Starting with Newlisp Blog.
[2] Newlisp on Sun's Virtualbox.
[3] New Copies Discovered.


  1. "... if you search for porn ..."

    nothing more exciting than programming in newLISP

  2. Hi, you are doing very useful work!

    This blog brings me aspects of NL which helps me to take one big step instead thousands small steps :)