Find Your Way Through Lisp Labyrinth.

The programmer who wants to start using Lisp -- not because of practical reasons, but because he is intrigued with language itself -- is frequently in doubt where to start. I made one proposal he might follow; that proposal reflects my values - other Lisp users might make different proposals. I'd like to hear your comments.

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  1. Thanks for creating such a great diagram.
    Will really help to improve my lisp/scheme language skills.

  2. what?! i got this wrong? i wanted to start the hard-ass way, with common lisp rather than playing the lispy lisp lisp game.
    anywhoo, love the diagram!

  3. Nice, but I think newLisp could be even the "starting point" (instead of Scheme), since it contains some features that make more flexible. Many Lisp dialects sometimes are too "hard" to be appreciated by "traditional" programmers.

  4. lol. that's a funny one.

    O, where is my fav emacs lisp? :)

  5. "The estimations are based on observation of Internet activity in 2010: blogs, mailing lists, Google searches"
    -no--> replace with "This is what I think"
    -yes-> you are the author